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consultant consultant consultant

Interliance has created the perfect formula for a management system. They marry expert knowledge to their methodology and come up with the right things to do and the right ways to get them done

Company Executive, Electric Power

Interliance doesn’t tell you what you’ve got to do. They give you the information to create your own program and make it work for you.

Company Executive, Electric, Water, and Energy Services

An integrated management system is invaluable – not only to energy and utility companies – but to all companies. The management system helped us save $5 million annually.

Company Executive, Electric Power

Interliance definitely helped us become much more effective. We have more integration of plans so different areas of the organization know what the others are doing. It’s more pragmatic and practical

Company Executive, Pipeline and Gas Services

The Interliance assessment was eye-opening. It put everything into perspective and helped us to concentrate on our real issues with priorities, a plan, and concrete deliverables. I wish we had done this years ago

Company Executive, Pipeline and Gas Services

We fundamentally improved every key metric. We increased our productivity and revenue by 50 percent and lowered our costs by 27 percent, which we equated to $270 million worth of savings over five years.

Company Executive, Gas and Electric Services

Worldwide we undergo more than 50 regulatory inspections per year. Our HSE system is compliant to multiple regulatory regimes, and is also an effective management tool. It easily pays for itself; we save $2 million annually in lost time and underwriting costs.

Company Executive, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) System