We offer a wide array of support services designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

Business Planning and Strategy

Getting your company to the next level takes a solid foundation and a forward-thinking strategy. We can help you establish a clear vision for your organization with measurable goals and executable action plans.

Process Analysis, Design, and Optimization

We guide you through an insightful assessment that identifies and systematically mitigates waste, risk, and service challenges – and, of course, we’ll help you implement the solutions.

Technology Strategy

The technology powering the entertainment industry is changing faster than ever before. We provide real-world practical technology solutions including product vision development, digitization roadmaps, legacy system transition plans, and complete product lifecycle management.

Health Care (ACA) Advisory

Our industry-leading experts can help you simplify your ACA obligations by streamlining your W-2 reporting, employee deductions, benefit plans, and NOE processes so that you can focus on what you care about – not reporting to the government.

Payroll and Employee Management

Whether you’re fulfilling in-house, outsourcing or analyzing your options, our team of entertainment industry payroll experts can help optimize and reduce cost from this mission critical function.

Do you manage a diverse employee base with loan outs, backlot staff, project based employees, and other complex scenarios?

We create employee management strategies that take the complexity out of entertainment production and payroll.

Custom Solutions

We solve these challenges and many more…

We have worked on the most complex problems from production challenges, tax incentives, to emerging technology integration.

If you have a unique challenge, contact us to find the right solution!


A privately held entertainment BPO service provider that, with Interliance support, has strategically transformed its organization and realized a $550M value growth in 3 years



Our client lagged behind competitors in technology offerings, service delivery speed, and overall quality. New ACA legislation, coupled with a backlog of garnishments and unreconciled union & guild contributions, put the company at significant compliance risks. At a corporate level, our client lacked a clear growth strategy and was struggling to hit its aggressive targets


Working with the CEO and other company leaders, we helped transform the organization and address complex industry challenges across four key areas


Developed new product vision and roadmap, including:
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Electronic Timecards
  • Automated Payroll Intelligence & Hours To Gross


Identified opportunities and optimized key functions, including:
  • Payroll & Residuals
  • Finance
  • Labor Relations
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources


Mitigated compliance risk across the organization by:
  • Performing company-wide risk assessment and established compliance management processes
  • Reconciling Union contributions, established a go-forward contribution and audit process
  • Developing an industry leading ACA compliance program
  • Automating garnishment and employee verification to ensure compliance


Organized and kickstarted a company culture of innovation by:
  • Transforming sales efforts from tactical to strategic account planning
  • Instilling a company-wide Culture of Excellence
  • Designing & implementing metrics programs across the organization
  • Developing market disruption strategies
  • Overhauling the staffing, training, and succession planning programs
  • Creating new production worker offerings


Every key metric improved far beyond investor goals

Processing Capacity Improvement
Unit Process Cost Reduction
Error and Rework Reduction
EBITDA Improvement
Service Delivery Speed Improvement
Exit Value Growth, in Millions