We offer a wide array of support services designed specifically for private equity.

Business Solutions

We create product and service visions, and guide your organization through every step of the product lifecycle — from definition to market launch.

Our support creates strategic solutions that drive competitive advantages and reduce your risk in technology investment.

Tech Consultant Solutions

We make technology engagements successful. By providing strategic stakeholder and product management, we help you understand and address your clients’ needs so your team can focus on what they do best: development.

Our support increases customer satisfaction, reduces waste and confusion in the development process, and results in products that are strategically aligned with business needs.

Business Planning and Strategy

Getting your company to the next level takes a solid foundation and a forward-thinking strategy. We can help you establish a clear vision for your organization with measurable goals and executable action plans.

Process Analysis, Design, and Optimization

We guide you through an insightful assessment that identifies and systematically mitigates waste, risk, and service challenges – and, of course, we’ll help you implement the solutions.

Technology Strategy

The technology powering the entertainment industry is changing faster than ever before. We provide real-world practical technology solutions including product vision development, digitization roadmaps, legacy system transition plans, and complete product lifecycle management.

Innovation Planning

In today’s digital era late adapters fall behind quickly and lose competitive advantages. Our technology strategy team transitions companies from reactive organizations to proactive thought leaders by building innovation roadmaps and supporting you through every step of implementation.

Product and Service Design

By bridging the gap between business and technology, we help build exceptional products that drive real bottom line business results. We work with businesses and technology vendors to enhance product and service designs and infuse business strategy as well as the company’s market strategy into tech solutions.

Product Lifecycle Planning

Whether you’re supporting existing solutions or launching new products, a complete lifecycle plan extends far beyond managing development. We support clients in building in-depth understandings of the multiple elements it takes to make a product successful and ensuring you have a complete product plan in place to ensure each critical element of your product is addressed.

We solve these challenges and many more…

We have worked on the most complex problems from go-to-market and sunset strategies to emerging technology integration.

If you have a unique challenge, contact us to find the right solution!


A privately held BPO service provider that, with Interliance support, has strategically transformed its organization and realized a $550M value growth in 3 years


A PE investor acquired a privately-held service firm with a stable annual EBITDA growth of 9%. However, the investor’s exit strategy called for an accelerated trajectory. In order to meet its new objectives, the company had to efficiently transform itself from a mid-market provider focused solely on daily operations into a sophisticated profit- and growth-driven enterprise.

The newly appointed CEO selected Interliance to help him meet this challenge…


Using our proven methodology, we developed and executed an overall strategy and critical initiatives to accelerate revenue, diversify the service portfolio, optimize margins, and reduce operating costs


Though an in-depth review of the organization, competitors, and served markets we established a new comprehensive view of the organization. Our assessment equipped the leadership with a new view: while the company was successful in many ways, there were many opportunities to shore up operational and market underperformance


We facilitated the executive management team to define the organization’s strategic goals, risks, operational opportunities, and growth opportunities. Simultaneously, we established a company-wide metrics program that provided the first accurate insight of baseline performance for management.


Distilling the new insights and strategic directions, we developed the organization’s first strategic plan with actionable initiatives to transform the organizations efficiency and growth potential. Along with the new strategic roadmap, we established a clear business case that allowed leadership to effectively communicate and instill confidence in their path to their investors.


Working in multiple capacities from hands-on implementation (staff and capability augmentation) to advisory roles, we worked with the organization to successfully execute their initiative roadmap. Through each execution, we strengthened their internal team and created new capabilities throughout the organization.


Every key metric improved far beyond investor goals

Processing Capacity Improvement
Unit Process Cost Reduction
Happy Board Members
Error and Rework Reduction
Revenue Improvement
EBITDA Improvement
Service Delivery Speed Improvement
Gross Profit Improvement
Exit Value Growth, in Millions