Business Strategy and Planning

We partner with clients to achieve measurable – and sustainable – improvement in growth and bottom-line performance by combining smart, innovative solutions with proven strategies and methodologies.

What We Offer

A strategic plan is the critical foundation for every business. Whether you’re facing business challenges, looking to accelerate growth, or just wanting to keep everything running smoothly, a sustainable strategic plan is the key element of a successful business

The true value of a strategy lies beyond the plan itself, it is the ability to actually put it into action. We work with our partners through every aspect of implementation to ensure your vision and strategy translate into tangible bottom-line results.

The ideal strategy not only frames the vision of the company, but translates that into the specific strategic activities that bring envisioned business results to life. These actionable elements include strategic drivers, market dynamics, growth and optimization objectives, and measurement methods and are all accompanied by accountable implementation tools. Together, these elements ensure your strategy delivers results.

We’ve seen the challenges of impractical strategies countless times. We pride ourselves on building true partnerships with our clients, and the cornerstone of our partnership is creating sustainable plans that your team can stand behind and execute.

Operational excellence starts with people. The right organizational design, combined with effective performance management and compensation alignment can not only drive a significant impact across your organization but is one of the most overlooked barriers to business performance

We work with our clients to streamline, model, and properly align organizations from front line staff to executives, including modeling, scenario planning, job profiling, metric alignment, compensation planning and change management.

Our external perspective offers an un-biased view that allows us to identify the ideal organizational design and create seamless transition plans.

Thinking about organizational change? This is the toughest change management problem that any company can face. Our change management experts guide clients through every step of the process. Organizational changes have deep impacts throughout your company, we help clients quickly achieve change with minimal impact.

Knowledge management consists of three distinct elements:

  • Capturing the exact knowledge required to perform each job function, including standardizing it where necessary
  • Transferring that knowledge to the appropriate staff so that the knowledge is embedded in the organization
  • Continually evolving the knowledge so that critical business processes evolve and transform as the business requires it

The right knowledge management strategy empowers your greatest asset: people. We build knowledge capture, transition and retention solutions to leverage the years of experience in every part of your organization and build new capabilities by empowering your organization to continually enhance all aspects of business performance.

As we move into a new world of big data and increasing meta-data, a sophisticated measurement and metrics system provides the key to unlocking visibility to both manage and improve all areas of business

We work with clients to strategize, design and enhance metric systems to effectively manage strategic level performance and operational performance through to individual performance requirements.

Our approach ensures that metrics align to your strategic plan, address metric conflicts, clarify accountabilities while ensuring that only the required metrics are actually utilized. The results ensure that the system becomes the most valuable management tool an organization can possess.

GRC is the backbone that keeps organizations safe, mitigates risk and provides insight and control over
critical day-to-day operations

Whether your organization is well versed in GRC or discovering the need for this critical function for the first time, Interliance can help. Our experts have deep experience developing enterprise wide GRC systems, developing and implementing risk management and auditing programs, as well as creating governance models to support all aspects of business operations.