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Voice of the Customer (VOC)

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Voice Of The Customer

Today’s customers demand whole-product solutions for their problems, and it is therefore critical for organizations to understand their needs and prioritize their requirements. “Voice-of-the-Customer” is a process commonly used to assess and prioritize customers’ needs. Interliance utilizes this approach to optimize the ability of organizations to understand the needs of their customer by gathering relevant data, calibrating the information, quantifying the results and communicating the customer’s voice that result in actionable agendas.

The process starts with the gathering of data through an efficient online program that can be served remotely or at an on-site meeting. Once the data is collected, Interliance offers a structured brainstorming process that allows the customer to organize, prioritize and weigh ideas, and identify the most important information. The final stage provides immediate critical information, including a snapshot of what a customer is thinking, quantifiable data to inform decision making, and definable agenda items to best meet customer needs.

Interliance employs both live focus-group and online sessions. Our proprietary tools and methodologies allow customers to anonymously provide input in their own words, unbiased by assumptions inherent in surveys. We provide a means for multi-variant analysis that leads the group to quantify its responses. The final report provides the sponsoring organization all the information from the session and presents how the customer prioritized the disparate choices.

The Voice of the Customer works well with product development, customer service, information technology, operations and human resource organizations. Companies like Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, Fore Systems and Adobe applied our Voice of the Customer as critical input to their planning processes.